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Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Below is a breakdown of the costs you may be charged as an on-campus, daytime undergraduate student at Briar Cliff University. Annual costs are based upon the 2019-20 academic calendar year of enrollment (including fall and spring terms):

Full-time undergraduate students

DIRECT EXPENSES TOTAL (2020-21 academic year) TOTAL (2021-22 academic year)
Full time tuition $31,898 $32,526
General fees $1,230 $1,292
Health & Wellness fee $180 $180

Residence Hall charges* (standard double-room)

$4,536 $4,582
Meal plan* (standard) $4,854 $5,000

Residential Activity Fee (living on campus)

$132 $132
Estimated Total Direct Cost $42,830  $43,712


OTHER EXPENSES TOTAL (2020-21 academic year) TOTAL (2021-22 academic year)
Books (estimated expense) $1,360 $1,340
Transportation (estimated expense) $2,678 $2,618
Personal/Misc Allowance (estimated) $1,180 $1,326
Athletic Fee (athletes only) $305 per year $305 per year
Loan Fee (if applicable) $158 $35
Loft Rental (if applicable) $129 $129
Parking (if registering vehicle) $90 per year $90 per year


Part-time undergraduate students

EXPENSE TOTAL (2020-21 academic year) TOTAL (2021-22 academic year)
Tuition per semester hour $1,230/hour $1,086/hour
Student fee $40/hour $42/hour


*Students will be charged more for living in single rooms, large private rooms or the Baxter-Digiovanni upperclassmen suites.

**Meal plans come in various sizes, with various amounts of flex dollars that can be used at Java City and the Fire Pit. For more information on meal plans, visit the Campus Dining page.

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Financial Aid

At Briar Cliff, 100 percent of first-time, full-time students receive financial assistance.


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