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Eric Strong, PT, PhD, MS, CEEAA

Dr. Eric Strong

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy; CHCI Director

Phone: 712-279-5371
Email: Eric.Strong@briarcliff.edu
Office Location: Mayfair 108


  • Ph.D. Exercise Science, Brigham Young University. 2004.
  • M.S. Physical Therapy, Des Moines University. 2000.
  • B.S. Pre-Physical Therapy, Brigham Young University. 1998.
Dr. Eric Strong


The primary courses that Eric Strong, PT, MS, PhD, CEEAA will teach in the Physical Therapy Program at Briar Cliff University are Human Kinesiology; Prevention, Health Promotion, Fitness, and Wellness, and Geriatric Rehabilitation. He will also serve as lab instructor for Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, and Rehabilitation Tests and Measures. Dr. Strong will also be teaching the non-modalities portions of Rehabilitation Interventions and the geriatric component of Normal Lifespan Development. Furthermore, Dr. Strong will mentor students throughout their Scholarly Project process, and serve as a clinical instructor for students during the Integrated Clinical Experience sequence.

Dr. Strong's Master’s in Science prepared with to be an expert in kinesiology. The American Physical Therapy Association has told physical therapists that they are to be “Exercise Experts”.  In order to be an exercise expert one must have expertise in human movement. He has applied this expertise in his nearly 10 years of teaching of kinesiology to both undergraduates and clinical Doctoral students in a professional physical therapy program. Dr. Strong enjoys reading new textbooks or new editions in order to stay up-to-date with the current teaching methodologies used in conveying kinesiology to students.

Dr. Strong's PhD Program set the stage for his expertise in health and wellness classes. His specialization in his PhD Program was Health Promotion.  He has also had the opportunity to professionally work in and manage a university wellness program, as well as serve as a wellness consultant to both individuals and corporations.  He stays current with the changes that occur to the health and wellness field through a listserv, current research, and webinars specific to the topic.

Expertise in the field of geriatrics has been gained through his physical therapy program, work experience in different geriatric settings, continuing education, and research.  As in every physical therapy program, he was taught about geriatric care.  This education and the desire to work with the geriatric population provided him with the opportunity to work in home health, as well as a skilled nursing facility. These clinical settings provided him with different viewpoints that have become part of his teaching in the geriatric field.  In 2010, he became a Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults after completing nearly 50 contact hours, over 6 days, and taking a practical exam at the end. Dr. Strong has used a lot of this information with his students to prepare them to design exercise programs for older adults along a continuum of physical function. Dr. Strong has focused his research within the geriatric population. Currently, he is assessing falls risk in community-dwelling older adults. Professional students have assisted him in collecting data, analyzing data, and presenting the findings.  Dr. Strong also belong to the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy and reads various geriatric related journals, which helps him stay current with clinical research and topics related to geriatric care.

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