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Patrick Hauer, PT, EdD, MHS, GCCP

Patrick Hauer

Assistant Program Director, Professor of Physical Therapy

Phone: 712-279-5559
Email: Patrick.Hauer@briarcliff.edu
Office Location: Mayfair 105


  • Ed.D., Educational Administration, University of South Dakota. 2002.
  • M.H.S., Physical Therapy, University of Indianapolis. 1996
  • B.S., University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, 1988.
  • GCCP: Graduate Certificate in Clinical Pathology, 2018.
Patrick Hauer


Patrick Hauer, PT, EdD, MHS, GCCP received his BS from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas in 1988. He went on to receive a MHS in Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis in 1996 and his Doctorate in Educational Administration from the University of South Dakota in 2002. Dr. Hauer also earned a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Pathology from the University of Massachusetts in 2018. Dr. Hauer has worked as a physical therapist since graduating in 1988 in a variety of clinical settings. This has allowed him to maintain contemporary clinical relevance and expertise in the various areas he teaches.  Dr. Hauer began his career in physical therapy academia in 1998 at the University of South Dakota where he taught until 2015. He then joined the faculty at Briar Cliff University as a full professor and the Assistanct Program Director.

Dr. Hauer is a physical therapist and educator who teaches a wide variety of topics and courses at Briar Cliff including pathophysiology, cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, differential diagnosis, orthotics and prosthetics, emergency medical response/ CPR/ AED, clinical correlations, the foot and ankle section in the musculoskeletal course, and as a clinical instructor in the pro bono clinic.

Research areas have focused on health and wellness, including appropriate injury management of youth athletes, cardiovascular screenings of young asymptomatic individuals, balance disorders of older populations with chronic respiratory problems, EMG studies involving ACL rehabilitation, and gait assessment of individuals utilizing orthotics or prosthetics.

Other responsibilities in his role at Briar Cliff include serving as the Chair of the Assessment Committee, Progress and Conduct Committee, and Curriculum Committee. Dr. Hauer also mentors students both as an academic advisor and as a research advisor.

Outside of of academia, Dr. Hauer has served in leadership roles on numerous committees at the state and national levels of various professional and community organizations. He has served as an item writer for the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. However, his most significant contribution has been to the South Dakota Physical Therapy Association where he served on various committees, as treasurer for 4 years, President-elect for two years and President for two years. As President of the SDPTA, Dr. Hauer was instrumental in legislative efforts to allow changes to the South Dakota Physical Therapy Practice Act regarding continuing education requirements and to allow physical therapy clinicians the ability to perform dry needling. Dr. Hauer was inducted into the South Dakota Physical Therapy Association Hall of Fame in 2013.

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Funded/In Review Grant Activity

Klappa SG, Nelson H, Cross P, Strong E, Hauer P, Dewald M, Wienk B, Adams J. No Opioid-use Through Education: The NOPE Program. Funded to Briar Cliff Physical Therapy Program. Project team member. $2000.00. 2017-2018 funding through the Pro Bono Incubator 2017 Move Together Inc. Grant.

Hauer P, Cross P, Schweinle W. Cardiovascular Screening of Native American Athletes. Co-principle investigator. $5000.00. 2012 – 2013 funding through the University of South Dakota School of Health Sciences Research and Scholarship Seed Grant.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Shim AL, Steffen K, Hauer P, Cross P, Van Ryssegem G. The effects of balance training on stability and proprioception scores of the ankle in college students. International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Science. 2015;3(4):16-21.

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