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Theresa Engle

Theresa Engle

Assistant Professor of Education; Department of Education Chair

Department: Department of Education
Phone: 712-279-1607
Email: Theresa.Engle@briarcliff.edu
Office Location: Heelan 128


  • M.A., Morningside College, Elementary Education
  • B.S., Morningside College, Elementary Education
Theresa Engle


I believe that learning is acquired at different rates and by different methods. Because of this, I use a variety of instructional methods and assessments to teach the materials and concepts in an attempt to accommodate learning preferences and styles. These would include, yet not be limited to: lecturing, bringing in additional resources, hands-on projects, research, writing assignments, active discussions, reflective journaling, and peer teaching. Additionally, I integrate the students’ own knowledge, experience, and creativity as a resource, whenever possible.

I believe that students need to play an active role in their learning process, which encourages a sense of ownership and life-long learning habits. Thus, my role is to demonstrate, let the student attempt the strategy with support, and to then fade into the background to let the student put to use the content that was learned.

As an instructor, I believe that my ultimate goal is to not only teach the skills and concepts that are required, but to help each student to see their own potential and to guide them toward being champions for learning. As teachers, they won’t teach subjects, they’ll teach people. They can make a positive difference in their own classroom and with the lives of their students.