Coolest Campus Cribs Judging

Date & Time Location
1:00PM - 2:00PM
Residence Halls

Now that you had a chance to get settled. Let's share are spaces and find out who is the best decorator! 

Your house and room are more than just the floor that you live on; it's the community that makes up your home here at Briar Cliff. If you think that you have created the best community space or room decor. We invite you to enter these competitions for a chance to win in any of the following categories.

Challenge Categories: 

  • Best Single
  • Best Double Room   
  • Best Suite 
  • Most BCU Spirit

This event is the judging process, where select Briar Cliff University faculty and staff will make their rounds to tour each house and room submitted to select winners in each category.

Would like your space to be considered to win? 

Submit Here