We know that college is a time of self-discovery. The goal of Navigate is to create the space and supportive community for all students to do just that. Campus Ministry, the Compass, and Counseling Services on campus collaborate to bring you Navigate, a small group program designed to help students explore their personal and professional life path, and discuss some of life’s biggest questions. Each small group will be led by a professional BCU staff/faculty member and a student peer mentor. The small group discussion format will provide opportunity for students to enter more deeply into conversations about the meaning and purpose of their lives and where they feel they are being called.

After have completed your CORE classes, if are you interested in exploring questions such as: What does it mean to live authentically? What am I called to do as a student and after life at BCU? How can I tap into my talents and passions and do something meaningful in the world? 

This might be the group for you!

An Exploration of Life, Meaning, and Purpose

Ask for more information about Navigate and our team will send you short survey to get started.

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The Navigate program is open to students of every academic and athletic program and all faith traditions or none at all. This program is designed to help continue the dialogue that follows Briar Cliff University CORE curriculum.

Mya Hendry Throughout the sessions we had, I learned about my strengths and, more importantly, my weaknesses. I also starting building on how I can use these attributes to influence the people around me in a positive way. Read More
MJ Montgomery The biggest thing that stood out for me about this program is the small group conversations, being able to learn from my peers. After listening to peers discuss how they felt about the different topics that we were covering, I learned and felt more confident in what I had planned and how I plan on getting there! Read More
Matthew Griesel This program helps individuals look deeper inside themselves and to see their talents and what really interests them. The discussions helped me to understand and acknowledge what I have done in life so far and helped me to start thinking about what I want to do when I graduate from college. Read More
Megan Loutsch Through this program, I was able to uncover so many hidden things about myself, and with the help of mentors, make sense of those uncovered thoughts and ideas. Read More
Sophie Kramper "The small group discussions work to help you really discover YOU and who you want to be inside and outside of your future career." Read More
Quinten Vasa Look inward and ask: Who do I want to become? The many topics covered were extremely relevant in my life and this was exactly when I needed to hear them. Read More