Registered Behavior Technician

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Technician Training Course


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Why This Program?

Prepare yourself for the RBT certification examination.

This course is designed to provide students with the necessary training (in-class and in-clinic) to be eligible to take the certification exam to become a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). Students will receive extensive didactic training and supervised clinical experience based on the competencies described in the 2nd edition task-list for Registered Behavior Technician certification. Following the completion of this course, students will receive a certificate stating their eligibility to sit for the nationally recognized RBT certification.  In this course students will be evaluated based on their

  • adherence to the Behavior Analysis Code of Ethics for Registered Behavior Technicians,
  • their level of integrity when completing competencies on the RBT task list,
  • their ability to write an objective and complete protocol for an intervention, and
  • their ability to prepare and interpret data for visual inspection.

Beyond the mentioned purposes, students will have opportunities to be further integrated into the clinical work at The Behavior Analysis Clinic at Briar Cliff University (i.e., obtain practicum / fieldwork hours as a student-therapist.