Careers for Math Majors

Careers for Math Graduates

Graduates with degrees in mathematics are in demand in many areas of business and
industry, government, scientific research, and the teaching profession. Employers look 
for general skills and abilities in:

   1)  problem solving.
   2)  thinking logically and analytically.
   3)  obtaining information from data.
   4)  estimating and forecasting.
   5)  formulating and applying models.
   6)  dealing with complex situations.
   7)  knowing what questions to ask.
   8)  working in a team.

A minor or second major in computer science, business, a physical science, or education
is highly recommended. In many employment situations, advancement will require
obtaining a graduate degree.


  • computer software companies
  • computer consulting firms
  • communications industry
  • aerospace industry
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • government agencies
  • banks
  • investment firms
  • insurance companies
  • brokerage houses
  • market research companies
  • polling organizations
  • book publishers
  • public schools
  • private schools
  • colleges and universities 


  • applied mathematician
  • statistician
  • actuary
  • statistical analyst
  • quality control analyst
  • financial analyst
  • computer programmer
  • systems analyst
  • software engineer
  • network administrator
  • systems consultant
  • project manager
  • research analyst
  • market researcher
  • teacher
  • professor
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