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The mission of the Department of Mass Media is to prepare competent, well-trained and liberally educated men and women in the converging field of mass media. Students will gain knowledge through theory, practical and applied learning which will provide the valuable education and experience needed for a career in this challenging field.

The Department of Mass Media offers programs in which students interested in the wide and varied careers in communication can become personally involved by working with and learning from people both inside and outside the profession. The faculty in the department are aware of the skills, which those in the businesses of radio, television, print, public relations, photography, advertising, graphic design and new media demand of incoming professionals in a converging industry.



Digital media lab offers latest Creative Cloud software

Jan 1, 2014

The first things you notice inside Briar Cliff’s remodeled digital media lab are the sleek, 27-inch iMac computer screens.

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BCU student lands 'home run' internship
Oct 23, 2013





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GDES 071 - Magazine Production
GDES 203 - The History of Graphic Design
GDES 224 - Typography
GDES 325 - Graphic Design Production I
GDES 335 - Graphic Design Production II
GDES 340 - Information Graphics
GDES 350 - Advertising Design
GDES 400 - Senior Exhibition
GDES 445 - Production III
MCOM 101 - Introduction to Mass Media
MCOM 200 - Beginning Newswriting
MCOM 216 - Digital Photography
MCOM 220 - Visual Communications
MCOM 225 - Graphic Communications
MCOM 230 - Global Media Studies
MCOM 300 - Legal and Ethical Issues in the Media
MCOM 307 - Public Relations
MCOM 31 - Cliff News Practicum I
MCOM 310 - Photojournalism
MCOM 312 - Advanced Newswriting and Copyediting
MCOM 32 - Cliff News Practicum II
MCOM 325 - Website Production
MCOM 330 - Video Production
MCOM 331 - Reporting for Electronic Media
MCOM 333 - Advanced Video Production
MCOM 407 - Social Media
MCOM 440 - Research In Mass Media
MCOM 490 - Internship/Work Experience
MCOM 51 - Radio Practicum I
MCOM 52 - Radio Practicum II
MCOM 61 - Video Practicum I
MCOM 62 - Video Practicum II


Kristen Perez
Chaiperson of Mass Media; Instructor of Broadcast Media
Michael Crowley
Associate Professor of Mass Communications
Shannon Beller
Instructor of Graphic Design
Bruce Miller
Lecturer of Mass Media