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Biology and Environmental Science Course Preview

Biology Courses

BIOL 102 Human Biology

BIOL 106 Biology of Women

BIOL151 General Biology I

BIOL152 General Biology II

BIOL 212 General Botany

BIOL 213 Invertebrate Zoology

BIOL 221 Human Anatomy

BIOL 222 Human Physiology

BIOL 237 General Ecology

BIOL 239 Introduction to Microbiology

BIOL 240 Nutrition

BIOL 280 Extended Field Trip

BIOL 300 Entomology

BIOL 320 Comparative Vertebrate Zoology

BIOL 339 Principles of Microbiology

BIOL 340 Pathophysiology

BIOL 357 Genetics

BIOL 400 Immunology

BIOL 412 Field Botany

BIOL 22IS Scientific Writing and Research

BIOL 58IS Senior Seminar


Environmental Science Courses

ESCI 110 Environmental Science

ESCI 211 Earth Science I - Introductory Geology

ESCI 212 Earth Science II - Earth Processes

ESCI 213 Earth Science III - Weather And Climate

ESCI 237 General Ecology

ESCI 280 Extended Field Trip

ESCI 401 Environmental Law and Policy

ESCI 412 Field Botany