Intensive Practicum

PSYC 493 - Intensive Practicum

This practicum will involve 10-15 hours per week of work in a supervised clinical practice, educational, or applied research setting in which procedures based on behavior-analytic principles are implemented. The characteristics of clients served during the practicum will depend on the practicum site.

Clients may be any persons for whom behavior analysis services are appropriate (e.g, children with autism, typical children receiving behavioral or education services, young adults with developmental disabilities, typically developing young adults, athletes).  However, the applicant may not be related to the client or the client’s primary caretaker. 

The practicum will be arranged such that applicants work with multiple clients and in multiple settings (e.g., residence, school, community) during the overall practicum experience. Students will be supervised by one or more Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and supervision will consist of weekly observations and weekly 1:1 or group meetings consisting of review of clinical cases, discussion of practice-related topics, and performance feedback. The exact schedule of observations and meetings will vary depending on the practicum setting. However, supervision will occur at least twice per week for a minimum of 1-1.5 hours per week and will consist of a minimum of 30-45 min per week of individual supervision.

PSYC 493 - Intensive Practicum - Details

Requires Department Approval
Fall, Spring