GDES 325 - Graphic Design Production I

This course will introduce the students to the techniques, processes, terminology, and basic compositional and conceptual skills of the graphic designer. The course stresses three main objectives: craftsmanship, composition and concept. Craftsmanship includes tools and materials and how to use them, with a heavy emphasis on precision and presentation. Composition builds upon the principles covered in Design, Typography and Graphic Communications and stresses the gestalt principles of visual perception as a foundation for understanding compositional problems. Conceptually the course covers design as a form of aesthetic expression and as a means of effective communication. The student is asked to solve problems using conventional as well as more experimental methods. Graphic design is a very demanding and competitive profession, but for those who truly love it, the demands are well worth meeting and the rewards go beyond financial. Students are expected to commit themselves and to work hard, every day, not just for better grades but for the enjoyment that the work brings and the growth that comes with it. Prerequisites: GDES 224, MCOM 225.  

GDES 325 - Graphic Design Production I - Details

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