BIOL 237 - General Ecology

How organisms relate to their environment and to one another

This discipline deals with organisms which make up populations which can be grouped as communities which after considering their physical and biological influences are described as ecosystems which collectively comprise the biosphere.  Briar Cliff students in environmental science will find this subject at the core of their program. Those pursuing a teaching career will discover that students are excited to learn about how the natural world works. This course should ultimately assist in the understanding of nature.

Ecology encompasses the world.

This course will consider:

  • limiting factors on individuals, populations, and ecosystems such as climate, temperature, moisture, light, and soils
  • energy flow and nutrient cycling
  • community ecology in light of predation, competition, and succession
  • the role of disturbances such as fire
  • paleoecology

Grade based on:

  • three lecture tests
  • term paper
  • oral presentation
  • attendance
  • weekly readings
  • lab reports
  • literature reading summaries

BIOL 237 - General Ecology - Details

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