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Meet Zach Sortino

Kansas City, MO
Graphic Communications

Zach Sortino

Get to know people and make connections because everyone here can bring you closer to an opportunity and become a friend that you can stick with for a long time.

— Zach Sortino
Kansas City, MO
Graphic Communications

A soccer scholarship brought Zach Sortino (‘19) to Briar Cliff, and the people he met on the team and in his classes inspired him to come out of his shell and pursue his goals.

As a graphic communication major, Zach spends countless hours in the state-of-the-art digital media lab perfecting his craft. He served as the lab’s supervisor during his junior year, where he had the opportunity to become more familiar with the Mac computers and help students using the Adobe Suite.

Besides the hands-on learning in his classes, Zach also gained valuable experience as the graphic design intern for the university’s marketing department. With the university’s graphic designer as his supervisor, he learned about the day-to-day and long-term responsibilities of a professional graphic designer and had the opportunity to participate in photo shoots and design materials for event promotion and social media.

Zach also spearheaded the university’s social media ambassador program. The social media ambassadors are students from the digital communications department and other interested students who apply their design, writing, and marketing skills to create content for the university’s social media channels. The program gives students an opportunity to share their stories, showcase what’s special to them about Briar Cliff, and receive feedback from the marketing department as they prepare for their professional life after graduation.

Outside of the classroom, Zach played for the Charger men’s soccer team for three years, an experience that helped him grow as a player, teammate, and person. After a health issue prevented him from returning to the field his senior year, he spoke to his coach about staying involved and was able to help out the team as a student assistant.

Originally from Kansas City, MO, Zach is the second Sortino to attend Briar Cliff. His sister, Kalynn, graduated from The Cliff in 2015. As he prepares for his own graduation in May 2019, Zach is thankful for the experiences he’s had in his classes, on the soccer team, and with the lifelong friends he made along the way.

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