Why Briar Cliff?

Testimonials for Psychology

Ashley Van Cleave

Meet Ashley Van Cleave

“I had never even considered research as a career option until I started working on a research project and realized how much I enjoyed the challenge that research presents,” she said. “Since I had this experience at Briar Cliff, it was an easier transition into my current job.”

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Darnell Prince

Meet Darnell Prince

Meeting new people, seeing different personalities, and making new connections will help my future.

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Ikram Omar

Meet Ikram Omar

Step out of your comfort zone and be as involved as possible. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

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Jessi Corrick

Meet Jessi Corrick ...

I had no idea about the behavior analytic world when I started college. But ever since I was introduced to the science, I have found my passion ... I get to do something with my life that will benefit others.

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Joe Heinrichs

Meet Joe Heinrichs

I had a professor email me in the early hours of a morning because she had ‘heard’ I had gotten in to law school. And Coach Herk drove to school in the worst blizzard of the year so that athletes could work out. The level of commitment shown here is incredible.

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Kristen Twedt

Meet Kristin Twedt

"This experience has helped me with my graduate school applications, learning how to present under different situations (classroom vs research presentation) and to different audiences and how to adapt to these differences," said Kristin.

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Nicole Hemelberg Golf

Meet Nicole Hemelberg

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

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Renata Valencia

Meet Renata Valencia

It’s definitely worth it. Not only because what you see and learn is unique, but you also get the chance to be in another country and learn their traditions, cuisine, background and language.

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Shannon Van Beest

Meet Shannon Van Beest

The faculty I’ve worked with and education I’ve obtained at BCU are outstanding.

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