Briar Cliff University is blessed with talented faculty who are passionate about helping students succeed and reach their dreams. 

Meet the Team

* Panzak George Ph.D. Applied Health & Exercise Science
* Baldus Jeffrey MFA Art
Wilson Nan MFA Art
Hazlett Brian PhD Biology
* Hoferer David Ph.D. Biology
Jung Daniel (Joo-Yong) Ph.D. Biology
Wisinger Perry Ph.D. MBA BUAD (Accounting)
* Rossi Mark J.D. Business Administration
Santos Paul MBA Business Administration
Zink Mary Beth MBA Business Administration
* Bryan Theodore Ph.D. Chemistry
 Kleen Tom MA Computer Science
Burns Sandra DPT Department of Physical Therapy
* Cross Patrick DPT Department of Physical Therapy
Grieve Soren DPT Department of Physical Therapy
Hauer Patrick DPT Department of Physical Therapy
Stevens Kelsey MS Department of Physical Therapy
Strong Eric DPT Department of Physical Therapy
Vogel Erin DPT Department of Physical Therapy
Wienk Brian DPT Department of Physical Therapy
* Crowley Michael MA Digital Media
Perez Kristen MA Digital Media, Digital Communications
Yates Richard MFA Digital Media, Graphics Communications
Cook Brian DMA Director of Choral Music Activities
Berg Kenneth Ed.D Ph.D. Education
* Engle Theresa Ed.D
Kell Traci Ed.D. Education
Sampson Jeanene Ed.S. Education
Kurz Kathryn M. Ed. Education (special education)
Currans-Sheehan Patricia Ph.D. English
Boland Amy Ph.D. History
* Juhnke Eric Ph.D. History
Sabelko Katelyn MLS Librarian
Landis Sarah M.Ed. Mathematics/TRIO-SSS
Suarez Wilfrido Ph.D. Modern Language/Spanish
Gard Jeffrey Ph.D. Modern Language/Writing Center
Owens Jeremy DMA Music
* Chihak Candace Ed.D. MSN Nursing
Henry Anasara DNP Nursing
Hobbs Dawn MSN Nursing
Keenan Ronda MSN Nursing
O'Connell-Persaud Shannon Ph.D. Nursing
Ott Courtney MSN Nursing
Petersen Richard Ed.D. MSN Nursing
Scholten Sandra
Wheelock Gretchen ARNP Nursing
Windeshausen Connie MSN Nursing
Stehr Heather DNP Nursing (Half Time)
* Krusemark Cortni DOP Occupational Therapy
* Bell Stephanie Ph.D. Psychology
Harman Michael Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA Psychology
Murray Regan Ph.D. Psychology
Staver Sara MSW Social Work
Berte-Hickey Melanie MSW Social Work
Kammer-Hodge Heidi MSW Social Work
Reinert Margarite MSW Social Work
* Rembold Elizabeth MSW Social Work
Feese Patricia MPA Sociology/Criminal Justice
* Brame Wendy Ph.D. J.D. Sociology/Criminology
Drahos Kristen Ph.D. Theology
* Korchin Paul Ph. D. Theology/Philosophy
Kirsch Breanne MLS University Librarian
* Indicates Department Chairs