TRIO Talent Search Administrative Assistant

Reporting Student Data Files | Maintain Social Media | Set Up Events

The TRIO Talent Search Administrative Assistant is a twelve-month, full-time employee who is responsible to the TRIO Talent Search Director.  Responsible for input, maintenance, and reporting of student and data files. Creates flyers and publicity materials and maintains social media accounts.  Sets up student events, not limited to college visits, STEM camps, and ACT bootcamps, this includes arrangements for busing, hotels, and space as needed. Displays sensitivity to the characteristics and needs of disadvantaged youth and maintains confidentiality of all student information.  Willingness to help with trips and events when needed.  Must be able to work independently.


  • Responsible for input, maintenance, and reporting of student files, arranges appointments, receives telephone calls, walk-in visitors, and distributes incoming mail.
  • Assists in the preparation and distribution of reports required by the university.
  • Responsible for the typing as well as assisting in the gathering and dissemination of grant applications and performance reports according to U.S. Department of Education specifications.
  • Assists in the implementation of procedures that enhance the effective operation of the department as well as procedures necessary to carry out the university’s policies.
  • Takes, transcribes, and disseminates meeting minutes and correspondence.
  • Supervises and directs the activities of student workers as needed.
  • Assists in the layout and coordination of the printing and dissemination of publicity.
  • Assists in the implementation of social media postings through graphics and text.
  • Assists with setting up the agenda and coordinating the transportation and space for campus visits, field trips, and summer activities.
  • Assists in the implementation of the student tracking systems by dissemination of mailings and correspondence.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • A two-year administrative assistant degree or a minimum of two years of equivalent experience.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Blumen or other database systems experience, as well as a variety of social media.
  • High level of organization skills and knowledge of statistical presentation of data are required.
  • Previous TRIO experience is desired.

Briar Cliff University is an equal opportunity employer.