Housekeeping Supervisor

Supervise, Coordinate, and Inspect | Develop Schedules and Training Programs

The Housekeeping Supervisor is a working position supervising, coordinating, & inspecting the activities of the Housekeepers, insuring that the housekeepers are providing a clean & safe area for all students, employees, & visitors by helping provide a clean, attractive and safe environment with minimal interference to other. The Housekeeping Supervisor will review needs with the Facilities Manager and develop building schedules for the Housekeepers. The supervisor would help develop training programs for new and current employees. The supervisor will ensure a safe and productive work environment.


  • Supervises all Housekeepers in daily operations, cleaning, sanitizing, & all other duties.
  • Verifying periodically that all floors are clean & applying polish using buffing machines as needed.
  • Assist & verify that all glass & enamel fixtures are completely clean.
  • Re-stock supplies so the Housekeepers can complete their duties.
  • Ensures all Housekeepers have the proper training to complete their duties.
  • Prepare Summer & Break schedule for the Housekeepers along with the Student Work Study.
  • Assists the Facilities Manager with supply orders.
  • Completes the interviewing process of new applicants in conjunction with the Facilities Manager.
  • Manage the Housekeepers time entry and leave requests.
  • Works with the Facilities Manager with conflict resolution & grievance administration support.
  • Participates as needed in routine housekeeping functions and summer deep cleaning as well as filling in on routine work duties when staff are not able to work.
  • Uses software to manage work orders and cleaning projects.
  • Able to work and communicate effectively with diverse academic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds of college students and staff.
  • Exercise considerable judgment and initiative.
  • Follow protocols and escalate as needed.
  • Understand and follow broad and complex instructions.
  • Other duties as assigned. 


  • Experience as a Supervisor/Manager – preferably in the Custodian/Housekeeping field.
  • Demonstrates the ability to lead, manage, & supervise building Housekeeping duties to have a successful outcome with all employees.
  • Hands-on experience with cleaning and maintenance tasks for large organizations.
  • Ability to use industrial cleaning equipment and products.
  • Excellent organizational and team management skills.
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds. 


The Housekeeping Supervisor has frequent communications with faculty, staff, & student, Facilities personnel as well as with some visitors. The position will need to communicate and build relationships with our supply vendors.

Briar Cliff University is an equal opportunity employer. 

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