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BCU Radio

BCU Radio

The Department of Mass Media at Briar Cliff University maintains a campus-based radio station which reaches a potential audience of 120,000 listeners/viewers in Iowa and South Dakota. A color video camera places a live, in-studio image over a cable channel which reaches audiences in Sioux City and Sergeant Bluff, Iowa; and North Sioux City and McCook Lake, South Dakota.

The format of the station is "alternative" programming including the genres of rock, punk, reggae, folk, world, new age, rap, hip-hop, dance, and other styles. BCU radio is a national reporting station for College Media Journal (CMJ) in Great Neck, N.Y., which reports the new music trends of member stations to music distributors nationwide. BCU Radio broadcasts all its music digitally, but has audio cassette, compact disc and reel-to-reel capabilities. Its production room is utilized for commercial, public service and educational productions.

Interested Record Labels/Bands: BCU Radio would love to receive, broadcast and report (CMJ) your new release! Just send us a radio-edit of your release to the above address. Please include information on your band and cuts you would like aired. Contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to listening to your band!

Take Note: We feature artists who cut BCU Radio Station ID's. Let us know and we will send/fax you ID scripts and liners. We use artist/band biography and tour date information. Please oblige us! We DO NOT play vinyl or audio cassettes!

Advisory Notice: Because we report to the College Media Journal (CMJ), recording labels and distributors are to be advised that BCU Radio will not air lyrics with overly offensive language, including sexist, racist and violent lyrics. You are advised to send "clean versions" if you want these groups to air.

First Day of Operation: April 6, 1986 Ribbon-cutting ceremony performed by Fr. Harry Schlitt of the "God Squad" radio series.