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Guest speaker examines human trafficking injustice

Oct 2, 2014

Commonly, human trafficking conjures the image of someone in the sex industry rather than a worker at a meat packing plant in Iowa, says Dr. Yvonne Zimmerman.

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Conference raises human trafficking awareness in Siouxland

Jun 26, 2014

Human trafficking is closer to home than you think. On June 17, hundreds of Siouxlanders learned how to help put a stop to it. ...

Students delve into the theology of Harry Potter

Nov 10, 2013


Cardinal DiNardo captivates audience during visit to BCU

Oct 9, 2013

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, the archbishop of Galveston-Houston, returned from his office in Texas Friday night worried about Tropical Storm Karen swirling around the Gulf of Mexico. He flipped on a weather station but found only talk of another storm hundreds of miles north. ...