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Student thanks scholarship donors for helping him clear hurdles

Student-athlete Chris Young spoke at the annual President's Appreciation Reception, thanking scholarship donors for helping students like him finance their education.

Apr 24, 2014 • By Briar Cliff University Bookmark and Share

Chris Young kneels in the starting block and waits for the gun.

"On your marks."


It fires. The Charger springs into action. He's not just sprinting, but bounding over 10 hurdles spaced evenly around the track. The burning feeling intensifies with every stride, every excruciating jump.



You can support students like Chris by making an online gift to the annual scholarship fund. 

Welcome to the 400-meter hurdles, a grueling test of endurance, speed and willpower — the perfect race for a guy like Chris. 

"This is truly a man's race," he says with a grin.

Four years ago, Chris faced a hurdle of a different sort: Finding a way to finance his college education. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Briar Cliff made the obstacle easier for him to clear.

Here, 98 percent of students receive financial aid — one of the reasons Chris chose to leave his home in Cedar Hill, Texas, to become a student-athlete at BCU.

"It wasn't because of the weather," he jokes. "Who likes getting snow in April?"

Young, a senior mass communications major, spoke recently at the President's Appreciation Reception. The event is held every year to thank annual scholarship fund donors.

“On behalf of all students at BCU, thank you for making our dreams achievable.”

— Chris Young, BCU student

"On behalf of all students at BCU, thank you," Chris said. "Thank you for making our dreams achievable. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for helping us grow in faith, service and knowledge.

"And thank you for inspiring us to make a difference for a future student."

When he's not in class or competing for the Charger track and field squad, Young also serves as a student ambassador, giving tours to prospective students and their families. He plans to graduate next winter and move back to Texas to pursue a career in the media.

Support students like Chris by donating to the annual scholarship fund »

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