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Carlos Vargas-Salgado

Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies

Modern Languages Department

Theatre 209

Started at Briar Cliff:



Carlos Vargas-Salgado holds a doctorate degree in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian literatures and linguistics and a master’s in Hispanic literature from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Vargas-Salgado has a bachelor’s degree in literature and linguistics from National University San Agustín, Peru.


Prior to Briar Cliff, Vargos-Salgado was a visiting lecturer at Carleton College, a graduate instructor at the University of Minnesota and assistant professor at Catholic University San Pablo, Peru.

His academic interests include: performance studies applied to Latin American culture, Andean literatures and culture, Human Rights in the Spanish speaking world.

Dr. Vargas-Salgado's academic essays have been published in Peru, Brazil, Spain and the United States.

He is in charge of the Institute of Latin American Studies at Briar Cliff.