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Michael Crowley

Associate Professor of Mass Communications

Mass Media Department

Heelan Hall 012

Started at Briar Cliff:



  • University of South Dakota: Advanced studies, Adult and Higher Education
  • Georgia Institute of Technology: Certificate in Multimedia
  • Ball State University: MA, Journalism (photojournalism)
  • California State University, Sacramento: BA, Government, Photography minor


I believe that each student is unique and learns in various ways. It is my role as a facilitator of learning, to create an environment where students feel comfortable and are willing to challenge themselves. I use various independent and collaborative methods and activities so students can find what works for them. It is my hope that students become pro-active, problem solving, independent learners now and after their traditional education ends. I believe learning is a life-long two way process, and that I become a better person from this experience.

Classes Taught:

CORE 100 — Franciscan Life
CORE 110 — Franciscan Life Online
GDES 340 — Information Graphics
MCOM 101 — Introduction to Mass Media
MCOM 216 — Digital Photography
MCOM 220 — Visual Communications
MCOM 300 — Legal and Ethical Issues in the Media
MCOM 31 — Cliff News Practicum I
MCOM 310 — Photojournalism
MCOM 32 — Cliff News Practicum II
MCOM 440 — Research In Mass Media
MCOM 490 — Internship/Work Experience