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Online Human Resource Management Degree

Bachelor of Arts — Program Overview

Change: the only constant in today's workplace. And thanks to an ever-evolving business climate, a qualified human resource professional is more vital now than ever — just ask the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics!

Make yourself indispensable to your business — earn an online degree in human resource management. In our program, you'll learn the latest trends and best practices in employment relationships, benefits, prevailing laws, labor relations and recruitment. 

Our curriculum follows guidelines set and approved by The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world's largest human resource association.


Explore our convenient and flexible online curriculum, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home, and you'll experience compelling courses, innovative faculty and thought-provoking forums for discussion. Most importantly, you'll finish every session with practical, real-world knowledge that can be put into practice the very next day!


You may transfer up to 90 credit hours from other institutions to go toward the 124 credit hours needed for your online human resource management degree. Contact an advisor for more information.

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Spring Term:
Jan. 21, 2015
Fall Term:
Aug. 24, 2015


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Core Online Human Resource Management Degree Courses

BUAD 223 - Legal Environment of Business

Major areas to be covered include the nature of and origins of law; ethics and social responsibility of business entities; our judicial system; the development of our common law system; the differences between the various areas of the law; elements necessary to establish and give rise to an intentional tort and negligence; the elements necessary to establish a contract; and the differences between business entities such as a sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. Read more »

BUAD 225 - Principles of Management

A study of the concepts, principles and philosophy of management. The four functions of management—planning, organizing, leading and controlling - are examined with respect to various management styles. Read more »

HRM 325 - Human Resource Management

This course focuses on human resource policies, issues, principles and methodologies. Through activities and case studies the student is able to apply the theory from the text to realistic problems from the work world. Read more »

HRM 335 - Organizational Behavior

This course uses a theory and experienced-based approach to study influences and outcomes of individual and group behavior within organizations. Sample topics include individual differences, motivation, culture, power/politics, stress, groups and communication. Read more »

HRM 336 - Training and Development

This course is designed to allow the student to develop expertise in the construction and execution of training and development activities relevant to human resource issues. Teamwork and change management strategies are developed and implemented through research studies. Case studies and role playing will also comprise assignments in this class. Read more »

HRM 355 - Employment Law

Issues dealt with in this course include Supreme Court interpretation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act including Affirmative Action, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Age Discrimination. Also included are the Americans with Disabilities Act, Rehabilitation Act, Immigration Reform and Control Act, Family Medical Leave Act and other pertinent workplace laws. Case studies and other problem solving approaches will be used. Read more »

HRM 385 - Global Management

This course studies how businesses plan, develop, market and distribute products/services on a global scale. A special emphasis is placed on how businesses adapt to different cultural, political, and economic environments. The course further discusses and covers the importance of international human resource management for global firms. Read more »

HRM 408 - Labor Management Relations

HRM 420 - Compensation

This course analyzes concepts and practices of compensation administration in organizations. Job evaluation methods, salary structures, legal constraints and compensation programs and benefits are covered. Read more »

HRM 425 - Strategic Human Resources Management

This course is designed for the student to incorporate knowledge from previous Human Resource courses into decision-making analysis. Case studies will be used for problem evaluation and decision making. Prerequisite: Minimum of 15 HRM hours including HRM 325 Read more »

SOCY 240 - Racial, Ethnic and Gender Inequality

Analysis of the interaction of minorities with dominant populations; explanations of how minorities are created and maintained; characteristics of racial, ethnic and gender relations in the United States and other societies. Read more »

SPEC 109 - Human Communication

A general introduction to various contexts of human communication including the dyad, group dynamics, non-verbal, intra-and interpersonal communication. Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management requires 124 credit hours, including HRM support courses and completion of all general education requirements.

The online HRM degree requires one of the following elective courses: