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Online Business Administration Degree

Bachelor of Arts — Program Overview

What can you do with an online degree in business administration? Perhaps an easier question is, what can't you do?

Our program is all-encompassing. You'll learn about best practices in management, marketing, finance, business law, accounting and economics — all from one degree! 

These areas are relevant to any career you pursue, from the government and education sectors to small business, retail and information technology.


Explore our convenient and flexible online curriculum, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home, and you'll experience compelling courses, innovative faculty and thought-provoking forums for discussion. Most importantly, you'll finish every session with practical, real-world knowledge that can be put into practice the very next day!


You may transfer up to 90 credit hours from other institutions to go toward the 124 credit hours needed for your online business administration degree. Contact an advisor for more information. 

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Aug. 22, 2016


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Core Online Business Administration Degree Courses

BUAD 223 - Legal Environment of Business

Major areas to be covered include the nature of and origins of law; ethics and social responsibility of business entities; our judicial system; the development of our common law system; the differences between the various areas of the law; elements necessary to establish and give rise to an intentional tort and negligence; the elements necessary to establish a contract; and the differences between business entities such as a sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. Read more »

BUAD 225 - Principles of Management

A study of the concepts, principles and philosophy of management. The four functions of management—planning, organizing, leading and controlling - are examined with respect to various management styles. Read more »

BUAD 301 - Principles of Marketing

Study of the concepts and problems concerned with the flow of goods and services to the consumer. An analysis will be made of the following: Marketing functions, wholesale and retail institutions, and internal and external factors affecting activities. Read more »

BUAD 330 - Principles of Corporate Finance

Enables the student to gain a basic understanding of the financial management function of a business enterprise. Considers the relationship among business disciplines: tax accounting, finance and economics. Topics covered: math of finance, technique of financial analysis, impact of tax on financial decision, working capital management, sources and forms of intermediate and long-term financing, cost of capital structure, and the integrated financial policy. Read more »

BUAD 350 - Production and Operations Management

This course deals with the design, operation and improvement of the production systems that create the firm's primary products or services. Production is the creation of goods and services. Operations management is the set of activities that create goods and services through the transformation of inputs and outputs. Read more »

BUAD 385 - Global Management

This course studies how businesses plan, develop, market and distribute products/services on a global scale. Special emphasis is placed on how businesses adapt to different cultural, political and economic environments. Read more »

BUAD 429 - Strategic Management

This course is designed for the student to incorporate the business-related knowledge of previous study into decision-making analysis. Through case studies and simulation games the methodology of problem evaluation and the decision-making process is examined. Read more »

MIS 220 - Microcomputer Applications for Business

A course designed to develop the skills necessary to use microcomputers for solving business- related problems by using various software packages (word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation). Other topics include computer hardware, operating system software and applications software. Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration requires completion of 124 credit hours, including 15 hours of business electives and completion of general education requirements.