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Great Plains Undergraduate Theology Conference

The Great Plains Undergraduate Theology Conference (GPUTC) is an annual opportunity for undergraduate scholars to gather and present their best work in the fields of theology and religious studies. This year's conference is scheduled for:

TIME: March 27, 2015 (11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
PLACE: Stark Student Center, Briar Cliff University

We encourage students from all majors to submit their work. We welcome both individual and group presentations, and invite proposals from students in any of the following areas:

  • Moral theology and ethics
  • Historical studies in regligion
  • Comparative studies
  • Systematic theology
  • Practical and pastoral theology
  • Scripture


The deadline for proposals is March 2. Presentations must not exceed 20 minutes, and presenters should be prepared to answer questions and cite sources. The proposal itself must include:

  • Descriptive title
  • Name and email addresses of student and faculty sponsor
  • A 150-word summary of the argument in clear and focused language
  • A short description (fewer than 50 words) of the project that can be used in the program, should the proposal be accepted

Students must have a faculty sponsor for their proposal. Students should first consult a faculty member at their home institution to ensure their paper is of high academic quality. Once the proposal is in its final form, the faculty sponsor should foward the proposal via email as a file attachment, in MSWord format, to all of the following addresses:

Proposals will not be accepted directly from a student; the sponsor must send the proposal. Sponsors do not need to attend the conference; however we do encourage them to attend. Keep in mind that faculty sponsorship testifies to the merit of the proposal. Faculty members are free to sponsor multiple proposals.

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