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Bachelor of Arts

Briar Cliff University Theatre is exciting, fun and challenging. Opportunities for participation are virtually unlimited! Majors develop professional skills, but all participants increase their awareness and understanding of what it means to be human. Students will develop the ability to problem solve with courage, conviction and style. A wide variety of courses reveals theories and methods of performance and production.

Students participate in all areas of production. As a component of community outreach, the department provides productions for elementary schools, minority groups and the elderly. Theatre majors must audition for every show. Casting is on a talent basis and students from all University departments participate.

For the junior or senior project, students have the opportunity to take on a significant role as an actor, director or designer of a production. Internships with professional theatres in Chicago are also available. 

An essential component of the theatre curriculum is experiential production work. Majors must contribute in the production area to each of the yearly main stage shows.

Core Courses

THTR 038M - Acting Performance
THTR 039M - Technical Production
THTR 105 - Stage Technology
THTR 121 - Acting I
THTR 200 - Professional Careers and Management
THTR 226 - Play Analysis
THTR 230 - Theatre Design I
THTR 335 - Directing I
THTR 350 - World Theatre History I
THTR 351 - World Theatre History II
THTR 361 - Midwestern Theatre
THTR 362 - American Theatre History
THTR 363 - African American Theatre
THTR 365 - Asian Theatre
THTR 366 - Yiddish Theatre
THTR 367 - Latin American Theatre
THTR 368 - Theatre of the Islamic World
THTR 495 - Senior Project or Internship

Additional Program Requirements

In addition, theatre majors must take three electives from among the 3-credit courses offered by the department.

Theatre majors must accrue three credit hours of Theatre Practicum experience (THTR 038M/039M).