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Theatre & Speech Communication


Speech Communication

Effective human communication demands dynamic oral communication skills. Now, more than ever, these skills are essential for a successful life, both personally and professionally. Accordingly, the department offers both theoretical and practical courses enabling the student to prepare for a lifetime of effective oral communication.

Core Theatre & Speech Communication Courses

SPEC 109 - Human Communication

A general introduction to various contexts of human communication including the dyad, group dynamics, non-verbal, intra-and interpersonal communication. Read more »

SPEC 111 - Public Speaking

An introduction to the craft of public speaking. Emphasis is placed on techniques of speech composition. A study is made of the different types of speeches with special attention given to informative and persuasive speaking. Read more »

SPEC 220 - Oral Interpretation

A study of how the voice is used to suggest the variety of meanings inherent in any printed material. Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

Also required are two additional courses, to be determined in consultation with the theatre and speech communication faculty.