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Theatre Department

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Briar Cliff Theatre offers excitement, challenges, opportunity, experience and fun!

Of course, our students can perform on a stage. But they also develop skills that make them valuable in any number of careers: Business, communication and education, just to name a few. Nearly 30 percent of our graduates pursue advanced degrees. 

We teach all aspects of theatre: acting, directing, stage makeup, oral interpretation, stagecraft, costume design, research techniques, theatre history, play analysis and much more. Classroom instruction supports stage production. Not interested in the stage and spotlight? A minor in speech communication can take you a long way. 

In our program, the emphasis is on you. Our goal is to provide you with the best instruction and the most exhilarating theatrical experiences possible, including:

Productions: The department produces shows each year drawn from comedies, dramas, musicals and children's theatre. Students participate in all areas of production. As a component of community outreach, the department provides productions for elementary schools, minority groups and the elderly.

Children's Theatre: Each year we offer children's theatre to the Siouxland community. For many of these children this is their first exposure to live theatre. Special production dates are provided for area elementary schools at no charge. Children's theatre at Briar Cliff reflects our Franciscan heritage by providing admission-free productions to young people thereby sharing our gifts with the community where we live.

Touring: We tour children's theatre and The Great Doctor Balthazar T. Archimedes Presents: An America Medicine Show. The medicine show is essentially a variety show, with songs, dances, traditional medicine show sketches and vaudeville turns. We tour both the med show and children's theatre to a variety of venues, including schools, retirement homes, hospitals, and business and professional meetings. We have been invited to perform The Great Doctor at the Mid-America Theatre Conference in Chicago.

Playwrighting: Student playwrights are encouraged and nurtured. Their plays are considered for either the Main Stage season or the Off-Stage Players season.

Conferences: Students and faculty travel to a variety of conferences, including the Mid-America Theatre Conference and the American College Theatre Festival. Students have the opportunity to audition, perform, take a variety of workshops, and measure themselves against other theatre students from the region. Most important is their total immersion in theatre activities for an entire week.


SPEC 109 - Human Communication
SPEC 110 - Voice and Diction
SPEC 111 - Public Speaking
SPEC 220 - Oral Interpretation
THTR 037M - Costume Construction
THTR 038M - Acting Performance
THTR 039M - Technical Production
THTR 101 - Introduction to Theatre
THTR 105 - Stage Technology
THTR 10M - Audition Techniques
THTR 121 - Acting I
THTR 122 - Acting II
THTR 123 - Acting III
THTR 12M - Stage Management
THTR 13M - Scenic Painting
THTR 14M - Stage Properties
THTR 15M - Make-up, Wigs, Millinery
THTR 175 - Independent Theatre Study
THTR 17M - Stage Electronics
THTR 200 - Professional Careers and Management
THTR 205 - NYC Theatre and Art
THTR 21M - Theatre Outreach
THTR 226 - Play Analysis
THTR 230 - Theatre Design I
THTR 335 - Directing I
THTR 350 - World Theatre History I
THTR 351 - World Theatre History II
THTR 361 - Midwestern Theatre
THTR 362 - American Theatre History
THTR 363 - African American Theatre
THTR 365 - Asian Theatre
THTR 366 - Yiddish Theatre
THTR 367 - Latin American Theatre
THTR 368 - Theatre of the Islamic World
THTR 435 - Directing II
THTR 475 - Independent Theatre Study II
THTR 495 - Senior Project or Internship


Richard Poole
Professor and Chair of Theater, Speech & Communication; Director of Theatre

Richard Poole

Briar Cliff Theater

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