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Pre-Professional Track


Briar Cliff University's pre-engineering program is designed for students who want to transfer to Iowa State University, but it is easily modified for students who plan to transfer to another engineering school.

Most pre-engineering students spend two years at Briar Cliff University, taking introductory courses in engineering, natural science, mathematics, writing, computer science and liberal arts. These two years at Briar Cliff University are similar to the first two years of engineering school. After two years at Briar Cliff, students complete their engineering studies in approximately two additional years at an engineering school, usually Iowa State University.

In the student's two years at Briar Cliff, the student benefits from small classes and personal attention. Briar Cliffs' high-quality learning environment helps students during their critical first years in college, giving them the knowledge and skills needed to complete their studies at a larger engineering school.

It is recommended that all students interested in pre-engineering should have successfully completed three or four years of high school mathematics including trigonometry. Although most pre-engineering students spend two years at Briar Cliff, some students spend one or three years before they transfer to engineering school. This flexibility can accommodate students of many abilities, interests and educational backgrounds.

Core Courses

PHYS 121 - Basic Physics I
PHYS 122 - Basic Physics II
PHYS 231 - College Physics I
PHYS 232 - College Physics II

Additional Program Requirements

College of Engineering at Iowa State