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Physics Department


Today it is imperative that the college student add a new dimension to the beauty of his/her physical surroundings and acquire an understanding and appreciation of physical principles appropriate to well-informed members of society.

The physics program aims to meet the needs of those who wish to acquire a general knowledge of physics as part of their cultural development. It meets the needs of those who seek the pre- professional training in engineering, medicine, dentistry, medical technology and teaching; and it meets the needs of those students who plan a career in physics or scientific research. Most physics lab courses include a lab fee for supplies which is billed at the time of registration.


Richard Delfs

Honors Program
Science Club



PHYS 107 - Astronomy
PHYS 116 - Physical Science
PHYS 121 - Basic Physics I
PHYS 122 - Basic Physics II
PHYS 175 - Independent Physics Study
PHYS 231 - College Physics I
PHYS 232 - College Physics II
PHYS 275 - Independent Physics Study II
PHYS 375 - Independent Physics Study III
PHYS 475 - Independent Physics Study IV


Richard Delfs
Professor of Physics