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English Program

Bachelor of Arts

The English major affords students essential insights into human nature and thought as well as an appreciation of the written word as a mode of expression. English majors are prepared for responsible careers in business, law, education, public service, information services, and other professional areas, as well as for graduate study in English. 

Upon graduation, students majoring in English will be able to demonstrate coherent historical knowledge of literature, analyze, interpret, evaluate and appreciate well-crafted literature and be able to share that appreciation with others, write clearly and persuasively, research, organize and communicate information effectively, help others with their writing, communicate effectively to a live audience, use their English skills to serve others in their communities, and explore career options and implement job search strategies.

Career Emphasis

The English major provides an excellent preparation for a number of careers as well as for continued graduate study in various areas. Students wishing to prepare themselves for specific careers other than teaching or graduate study in English are encouraged to take an emphasis, such as one of the following.

  • Library Science Emphasis: Students seeking careers in public, corporate or academic libraries can prepare themselves for graduate work in library science with courses emphasizing organization, management and information.
  • Public Service Emphasis: Students seeking careers in government, nonprofit institutions or service organizations will take supporting coursework emphasizing the history and character of institutions.
  • Law Emphasis: Students seeking careers in law are advised to take supporting coursework in philosophy, political science, and history.
  • Public Relations Emphasis: Students preparing for careers in public relations may supplement the major with additional coursework in mass communications and graphic design.

Core English Courses

ENGL 110 - Introduction to Literature
ENGL 210 - Modern Fiction
ENGL 243 - Shakespeare
ENGL 275 - Independent English Study II
ENGL 340 - Nineteenth Century American Literature
ENGL 360 - British Romanticism
ENGL 460 - Senior Seminar
ENGL 490 - English Internship
WRTG 159 - Contemporary Argument and Research
WRTG 420 - Composition Seminar/Practicum

Additional Program Requirements

In addition, completion of the English major requires one class from the following:

Two classes from the following:

Plus, six credit hours of other ENGL courses, one of which is numbered above 300.

NOTE: ENGL 211 is interchangeable with 210; ENGL 345 is interchangeable with 340; and ENGL 365 is interchangeable with 360.