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Sports Science Program

Bachelor of Science

The sports science degree is an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree with required course work from three disciplines: HPER, Biology and Chemistry. In addition to these courses, there will be three additional supporting courses from two different disciplines.

Upon graduation, students majoring in sports science will be able to recognize and explain the mechanical, anatomical, nutritional, chemical and physiological limitations of human motion, prescribe a safe and effective exercise plan for a wide variety of ages and body types, understand the interrelationship of physical fitness to complete and total health, properly select, safely administer and interpret a variety of physical fitness measures.

Core Sports Science Courses

BIOL 221 - Human Anatomy
BIOL 222 - Human Physiology
BIOL 240 - Nutrition
BUAD 225 - Principles of Management
CHEM 109 - Chemistry for the Health Sciences I
CHEM 110 - Chemistry for the Health Sciences II
HPER 280 - Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
HPER 384 - Human Performance and Skill Learning
HPER 4(x) - HPER Activity Courses
HPER 439 - Kinesiology
HPER 490 - HPER Internship
MATH 200 - Elementary Statistics
SPTS 64 IS - Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription
SPTS 65 IS - First Aid and CPR Instructors Course
SPTS 70 IS - Cardiovascular Physiology
SPTS 71 IS - Advanced Human Anatomy

Additional Program Requirements

A sports science major must complete one approved elective from upper-level HPER or BIOL, and must take these four HPER mini-courses: HPER 7, 8, 21 & 28.