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Sports Management Program

Bachelor of Arts

The sports management major is designed for students to pursue careers in sports management, sports promotion, sports sales or sports facilities. This major provides the student with a solid background in sports and human movement, combined with a strong foundation in business and mass communication. The sports management major also allows students to compete successfully for a great variety of employment opportunities in the sporting industry.  

The sports management major is housed in the department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. The sports management major will be able to apply fundamental marketing concepts to the sport industry; understand the principles of interpersonal communication, mass communication and interaction with the public, particularly as they relate to the sport agency; comprehend budget and financial aspects of sport, and realize that most sport activities occur in settings that are potentially litigious. Students will be familiar with the legal concepts in those areas that they are most likely to encounter in the workplace.

Students will also be able to recognize the influence of cultural traditions, social values and psychosocial experiences on sports and sport experiences; define and understand the concepts of management and leadership; describe the various skills, roles and functions of sport managers; describe the elements of leadership theory and practices as they relate to the various managerial responsibilities; recognize and identify moral issues related to a sport in its intrinsic and extrinsic dimensions and develop a personal philosophy regarding social responsibility in the sport management setting.

Core Sports Management Courses

BUAD 225 - Principles of Management
BUAD 301 - Principles of Marketing
HPER 119 - Introduction to and History of Physical Education
HPER 280 - Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
HPER 383 - Advanced Physical Education Skills
HPER 384 - Human Performance and Skill Learning
HPER 385 - Concepts of Coaching
HPER 4(x) - HPER Activity Courses
HPER 443 - Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletics
HPER 490 - HPER Internship
HPER 53 IR - Adapted Physical Activities: Living and Working
HPER 64 IR - Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription
HPER 65 IR - First Aid and CPR Instructors Course
HRM 325 - Human Resource Management
HRM 335 - Organizational Behavior
MATH 200 - Elementary Statistics
MCOM 307 - Public Relations
SPEC 111 - Public Speaking
WRTG 225 - Organizational Communications

Additional Program Requirements

The sports management major also requires a trio of three-hour HPER electives, plus six HPER mini courses or experiences, including three activity courses -- one of which must be HPER 40 or 41. See program coordinator for a list.

NOTE: HPER 439 and HPER 384 are interchangeable.