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Recreation and Leisure (Minor) Program

Primary or Secondary Minor

The minor in recreation and leisure is designed to teach students the various skills, roles and functions of sports managers. The minor will develop skills necessary for a variety of fields, including sports management, athletic training, refereeing, mass communication and education, among others.

Core Recreation and Leisure (Minor) Courses

ART 111 - Design
BUAD 225 - Principles of Management
HPER 214 - Physical Education Activities for Pre-K to 6 Elementary Schools
HPER 231 - Recreation Leadership
HPER 232 - Camp Counseling
THTR 101 - Introduction to Theatre

Additional Program Requirements

The recreation and leisure minor also requires HPER 40, 42 and four experiential mini courses or activities from ART, HPER, MUSC or THTR.

NOTE: ART 332 is interchangeable with ART 111