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Phyiscal Education

Minor; Teaching Endorsement

Students enrolled in Briar Cliff’s education program will qualify for a K-6/7-12 physical education teaching endorsement should they select this minor.

Core Phyiscal Education Courses

BIOL 221 - Human Anatomy

A study of the structure of the human body at the four structural levels (cells, tissues, organs and systems) and the relationship of its parts. Three lectures, one lab per week. Read more »

HPER 119 - Introduction to and History of Physical Education

Health Education and Recreation 3 sem. hrs. The student is introduced to five foundational areas - the historical, philosophical, psychological, physiological and sociological - of physical education, health education and recreation. A sixth unit in the course is designed to orient the student to the scope of the profession, including professional opportunities in the allied areas such as health, safety education and recreation. Read more »

HPER 214 - Physical Education Activities for Pre-K to 6 Elementary Schools

This course will be a curriculum of physical education activities for grades K-6. The program will include fitness concepts, movement education, perceptual-motor concepts, manipulative activities and the acquisition of skills. Varied and new experiences for each grade level will be emphasized. There will be a stress on the necessity of child success and accomplishment through Elementary Physical Education. Read more »

HPER 384 - Human Performance and Skill Learning

A study of the scientific foundations of high-level performance and skill learning. Incorporates findings of exercise physiology, psychology and physical education in the area of human movement. Stresses application for the practitioner. Prerequisite: junior standing Read more »

HPER 4(x) - HPER Activity Courses

HPER Activity courses are designed to develop attitudes, appreciation, personal skills and applied techniques in all types of activities included in the physical education program. Minimum standards of skill and knowledge are required for satisfactory completion of each activity unit. See program director for a list. Read more »

HPER 439 - Kinesiology

Study of the basic mechanics involved in human motion, emphasis on the application of anatomy and elementary physics to the teaching of physical activities and sports skills. Prerequisite:junior standing Read more »

HPER 443 - Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletics

Physical Education and Athletics 3 sem. hrs. A study into the curriculum, organization and administration of physical education and athletics at the junior high and high school level. Philosophy, facilities, purchasing, budgeting, hiring and supervision are discussed. Prerequisite:junior or senior physical education major Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

A physical education minor also requires two of the following three courses: HPER 338, 382 or 383.

HPER 338 is required for an elementary (K-6) endorsement.

HPER 382 and 383 are required for a secondary (7-12) teaching endorsement.

Students wishing to minor in phys. ed. must also complete either HPER 51 IR or 52 IR, plus four HPER mini courses or experiences approved by the department, including two activity courses, one of which must be swimming.