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Coaching Endorsement


Coaching Endorsement

Briar Cliff's coaching authorization program falls in line with National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) standards. It is for students who wish to develop coaching competencies and skills, and is open to any Briar Cliff undergraduate, regardless of their major.


Core Coaching Endorsement Courses

HPER 280 - Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

Prevention, protection and first aid care of injuries occurring in athletics. Evaluation of protective devices, diets and conditioning. Lab work includes taping and rehabilitation of the injured. Read more »

HPER 385 - Concepts of Coaching

Exposure to key concepts pertinent to the prospective high school coach concentrating on administrative responsibilities. Pre, in and post season preparation; sports psychology and motivation of athletes; and ethical issues and current pressures facing today's athletic programs. Prerequisite: Must be a HPER major, minor, or person presently in coaching certification program or with permission of instructor Read more »

PSYC 280 - Developmental Psychology

This course focuses on the development of an individual from conception to death. Psychological/physiological growth is studied in terms of cognitive, psychosocial, moral, psychosexual, and thanotological developmental stage theories. A minimum of one behavioral observation and a journal research report written in APA style will be required. Prerequisite: PSYC 110 • Fall, Spring Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

A coaching endorsement also requires one of the following three courses: HPER 78, 384 or BIOL 221.

NOTE: HPER 72 is interchangeable with 385; HPER 74 is interchangeable with EDUC 280.