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Economics (Teaching)

Teaching Endorsement

An understanding of economic principles is essential since so many of the questions and decisions which touch our lives have an economic aspect. The growth of our economy and the improvement in our living standards require us to compete in a global society. To understand and evaluate what economists, politicians and others are saying, we need a knowledge of economics.

The economics degree is offered only as a teaching endorsement, in accordance with a student pursuing an education major with a social science emphasis

Core Economics (Teaching) Courses

BUAD 383 - Money and Banking

A study of operations, mechanics and structure of the financial system in the United States, emphasizing its institutions, markets and instruments. Special attention is given to the Federal Reserve System, monetary policy's effect on the economy and on financial institutions. Read more »

ECON 210 - Principles of Microeconomics

Introduction to basic economic theory, with emphasis placed on decision making by individual units such as households, firms, or industries and with individual markets for final goods and resources. Prerequisite: Sophomore status or permission of instructor Read more »

ECON 211 - Principles of Macroeconomics

Introduction to basic economic theory, with emphasis on the economy as a whole. An examination of major aggregates such as households, businesses, and government sectors and measures of the total economy. Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

Two additional economics electives are required for an Economics 7-12 teaching endorsement. 

NOTE: This major is open only to education majors in one of the social sciences.