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Art Department

The Department of Art pursues an approach to the visual fine arts that focuses on the development of the individual creating artist. Our mission is to prepare artistically competent and liberally educated individuals.



Art History (Minor)

Art History (Minor)

Art History (Minor)

Develop your intellectual abilities and technical skills, along with an appreciation of the major events that shaped art as we know it today. Read More »




Art is more than a four-year program of study at Briar Cliff. It’s the beginning of a lifetime of experiences, growth, ideas and expression. Study painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics or any other traditional or non-traditional technique or form. Read More »



Continuing ed student turns to love of art after retirement

Feb 7, 2015

A few days prior to his Briar Cliff University senior art show, Brian Damon is living a dream that was literally 60 years in the making.

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Aug 14, 2014

A pop of art: Briar Cliff alum blends realism with whimsy

Nov 14, 2013

"Thorny" art project brings students together

Mar 28, 2013

BCU Offers Tolerance Workshop for Local Art Teachers



ART 108 - International Art Travel Seminar
ART 110 - Drawing I
ART 111 - Design
ART 112 - Intro to Visual Arts
ART 115 - Art History: Prehistory to Gothic
ART 116 - Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ART 117 - Art History: Modern
ART 120 - Drawing II
ART 175 - Independent Art Study
ART 217 - Reading Seminar
ART 225 - Media and Techniques
ART 230 - Pottery I
ART 231 - Pottery II
ART 235 - Encounter with Art I
ART 250 - Studio I
ART 260 - Studio II
ART 275 - Independent Art Study II
ART 332 - Special Methods of Teaching Elementary Art
ART 345 - Encounter With Art II
ART 350 - Studio III
ART 360 - Studio IV
ART 375 - Independent Art Study III
ART 380 - Art Internship
ART 390 - Art Internship II
ART 425 - Senior Seminar
ART 440 - Special Methods of Teaching Secondary Art
ART 450 - Studio V
ART 460 - Studio VI, Thesis
ART 475 - Independent Art Study IV


Nan Wilson
Associate Professor of Art; Art Department Chair

Jeff Baldus
Associate Professor of Art

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I'm thinking about being a museum curator or an art therapist. I've seen how art can change people's lives!

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