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NURS 741 - FNP Practicum II

The practicum is designed to provide the second 120 hours of practicum practice in order to meet eligibility for the certification examination. Students identify and make arrangements with a MSN prepared FNP or an appropriate designee for practicum practice with young, mid-life, or older families. Students enrolled in this practicum will be expected to integrate values and ethics and apply the theories and concepts of the FNP role in practicum practice with families throughout the lifespan. Emphasis is placed on comprehensive assessment, management, and evaluation of health care needs of the adults and children within a family system. As the culminating course for the Family Nurse Practitioner Role Preparation, this seminar will ask students to examine their role as health care providers and show how they have been influenced by their course of studies.

NURS 741 - FNP Practicum II - Details

NURS 741, Declared Major, Requires Department Approval
Graduate Course: