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NURS 465 - Nursing Preceptorship Experience

As the final course in preparation for nursing practice, Nursing 465 facilitates a smooth transition from student to registered nurse in the clinical setting. This course fosters growth and development of the student by encouraging the integration and utilization of knowledge gained from all disciplines of the liberal arts, baccalaureate education. The knowledge gained through the various courses specific to nursing will be particularly utilized as the student continues to critically think while assuming responsibilities congruent with the role of the registered nurse in prioritizing and delivering quality, compassionate care for a group of clients. Prerequisite: NURS 410, 440, 455 Concurrent: NURS 435, 445, 475 Fees: Lab - $150

NURS 465 - Nursing Preceptorship Experience - Details

NURS 429, NURS 440, NURS 455